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Price List

Food Prices for 2020/21

We have undertaken a price review of all food and drink served at break and lunchtime in the Chill. In order to keep up with the increase in prices from our suppliers, we have found it necessary to increase the price of items.

The price of meal deals have increased but still offer excellent value for money £2.42 and £1.77

We hope the students enjoy the food provided by the Catering Department and welcome any feedback to the

Catering Manager.

Morning Break
Large Bacon Bap £1.26
Smartfood pasta £1.85
Pretzel £1.07
Cheese & Jalapeno Bagel £1.07
Omelette £1.12
Various Filled Paninis £2.10/£1.05
Cheese & Bacon Flatbread £1.52
Sausage Roll £1.07
Hash Browns 31p each
Cold Snacks
Fresh Fruit 40p
Fruit Pots / Bags 40p
Portion Fruit Pots 40p
Grab & Go Bag – Sandwich, Fruit Small Water/Juice, Cookie £1.85
Cheese Cracker Bags £1.25
Yogurt 55p/£1.25
Yogurt 70p
Nutella 37p
Butter/Marg 12p
Sachets of Sauce 12p
Jam Portion 22p
Krispie 77p
Choc Fudge Brownie 77p
Flapjack 77p
Cookies 77p
Homemade Lemon/Banana/Carrot Cake 77p
Doughnuts 99p
Jelly 55p
Muffins 99p
Filled Shortbread Biscuits 87p
Danish Pastry 92p
Rocky Road 77p
Packet of Biscuits 57p
Oat Biscuit 77p
Gingerbread Man 77p
Small  Water 57p
Large Water 77p
Various Fruit Juice 58p
Yazoo / Aqua Splash 92p
Suso 77p
Pint Of Milk 72p
Hydra Blasts / Radnor 77p
Viva Milkshake Carton 60p
Jelly Squeeze 72p
Revolution Waves 92p/72p
Light Bites
Burgers from £1.82
Chicken Drumstick 77p
Pizza Slice from 87p
Meat Pizza £1.02
Baked Fishcake 87p
Sausages £1.22
Loaded Potato Skin 87p
Potato Wedges 87p
Filled Naan/Pitta £2.12
Large Jacket Potato 97p
Cheese, Tuna Portion 67p
Bean, Coleslaw Portion 58p
Portion of Veg/Potato 57p
Cheese Or Tuna Mayonnaise Portion 67p
Naan Bread 62p
Garlic Bread 32p
Chilli Con Carne Tacos £1.37
Vegetable Noodles with Sauce £1.32/£2.52
Enchiladas £2.12
Breaded Fish £1.47
Chicken Burger £1.87
Spicy Chicken Burger £1.87
Beef Burger in a Bun £1.82
Chesse Burger in a Bun £1.92
Fish Pie  £1.52
Folded Chicken Tikka Naan £2.12
Main Meal Choices
Smartfood Pasta £1.35/£1.85
Curry/Chilli/Rice £1.37/£2.62
Sweet & Sour/Rice £1.37/£2.62
Homemade Lasagne £1.37/£2.62
Vegetarian Chilli/Curry With Rice £1.32/£2.52
Steak Pie £1.57
Chicken Pie £1.57
Roast Turkey/Roast Pork/Roast Beef £1.82
Hot Pasta from £1.37/£2.62
Indian/Mexican Specials/Make your own fajitas £2.12
Vegetable Risotto £1.17/£2.22
Pasta £1.37/£2.62
Cottage Pie £1.07/£1.97
Pasta Bakes £1.32/£2.62
Pasta Cheese £1.37/£2.62
Hot Pudding 97p
Meal Deal
Hot Choice Of The Day From The Menu Board With A Portion Of Fresh Fruit £1.77
ADD Hot Pudding Of The Day/Cookie/Portion Of Fresh Fruit/ Fruit Bag/Fruit Pot Or Yogurt, Carton Of Fruit Juice Or Small Bottled Water £2.42
Baguette & Wraps
Full or Half Baguettes from £1.07
Wraps from £1.07
Available Fillings; Cheese, Ham, Turkey, Chicken Tikka, BBQ Chicken, Tuna Mayonnaise, Chicken, Chicken & Bacon Mayonnaise, Chilli Chicken
Roast Dinners
Roast Turkey & Stuffing £1.82
Roast Pork & Stuffing  £1.82
Sausages & Yorkshire Pudding £1.82
Roast Beef & Yorkshire Pudding £1.82