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Mobile Phone Policy

Key Stage 3 and 4

1. Mobile Phones – Possession and Use

Mobile phones are a part of modern society and the school accepts that many students will possess them. They are a useful tool, especially where the issue of safety during the journey to and from school is concerned and the school acknowledges that parents and students would want them to be available to achieve this. However, teachers and students have a right to teach and learn in a school environment which is free from interruption by mobile phones and other such devices.

Mobiles phones in schools present a number of challenges, including:

  • Mobile phones interrupting lessons and disrupting the learning of others;
  • Possible theft of mobile phones;
  • Requirements from public examination boards regarding mobile phones in examination
  • rooms;
  • The ever-increasing sophistication of mobile phone technology, which increases the possibilities of inappropriate use, particularly with regard to video and photographic capabilities;
  • The need for students to be responsible with regard to the care of their possessions;
  • The negative impact of social media and cyberbullying.

The school recognises the benefits that mobile phones offer students and parents and realises that an outright ban would result in a loss of these benefits. However, it is the school’s responsibility to promote the safe and responsible use of mobile phones during the school day. Whilst the school would prefer students not to have mobile phones in school and would rather they use the existing facilities within school, we realise that this cannot cover the period when students are travelling to and from school. It is against the above background that the following policy is to be adopted.

2. Mobile Phones – Policy

  • Students are discouraged from bringing mobile phones / devices to school.
  • Students are reminded that they should use the school’s office staff if they need to contact their parents.
  • Parents are reminded that only URGENT messages may be transmitted via the school office staff during school hours.

If parents choose to permit their son to bring a mobile phone to school, the following rules apply:

  • The school accepts no responsibility for mobile phones and undertakes no responsibility to investigate misplacement, loss or theft.
  • Mobile phones may not be used at any time during the school day on school premises, i.e. between the hours of 8.50am and 3.40pm.
  • Parents needing to contact students can do so, either by calling the school office with URGENT messages or by sending a text message to their son which can be checked at 3.40pm.
  • Mobile phones and accessories must be switched off and out of sight at all times. If a phone rings, or is seen by a member of staff, or if inappropriate use is made of the phone, it will be confiscated.
  • First offence will result in the student collecting the phone from the Executive Headteacher.
  • If there is a subsequent offence then parents will be contacted to inform them of the confiscation and arrangements will be made for them to collect the item.
  • The only exemption to this is when the student has been given special permission to keep their telephone with them for specific health-related reasons.
  • Mobile phones which have a calculator, music or camera facility may only be used in class following EXPLICIT instruction to do so from the class teacher concerned for SPECIFIC tasks.

Key Stage 5

It is recognised that Sixth Form students should have some privileges regarding the use of mobile phones in school, so it is essential that they model the responsible use of such devices to their younger peers. The following represents the behaviours expected of sixth form students:

  • Students should not walk around the school site using phones between lessons and at break and lunch in view of the younger students.
  • Mobile phones which have a calculator, music or camera facility may be used in class following instruction to do so from the class teacher.

This policy is the same for all Key Stage 5 students across all three sites in the Sleaford Joint Sixth Form.