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InvestIN - Invitation for Parents: Success Beyond School ​​​​​​​

 InvestIN is a UK-based organisation that provides students aged 12-18 with an immersive experience of their dream career. Over 50,000 students from 100+ countries have already taken advantage of InvestIN's once-in-a-lifetime career programmes designed to help students make confident choices about their futures. Learn from expert professionals, gain top career coaching and experience unparalleled industry simulations not normally available to school students.

InvestIN are delighted to announce the first events in the Success Beyond School series for 2022. These are free-of-charge, live online seminars featuring career experts, designed to help parents amplify their children’s career potential.

There are five fantastic seminars this term, including topics such as 'how to help your child choose their career' and 'how to inspire young women to become entrepreneurs.' These events are for parents of students aged 12-18 and are free to attend. 

Wednesday 9th February: Making it in Medical Sciences
Expert advice on breaking into medicine, dentistry and veterinary science. 

Wednesday 9th March: Women In Business
Inspiring entrepreneurship in our young women

Wednesday 23rd March: The Ultimate Career Experience
Everything you need to know about InvestIN's life-changing Summer Experiences
Wednesday 6th April: The Career Workshop
Helping your child to choose their future with confidence

Wednesday 4th May: Through the Magnifying Glass
Uncover your child's future in forensic science

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