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Well-Being Ambassadors

In July 2021, seven Year 13 students, including the Senior Prefer Team and two Well—Being Ambassadors, undertook mental health training led by mental health first aiders at Kesteven and Sleaford High School.

We worked with other Sixth Form students based at KSHS to develop skills and understanding of how to listen, non-judgementally, to those seeking support and encourage them to get further advice.

The aim was to raise awareness of the importance of mental health and to promote the Student Well-Being Support system.  Some of the ideas that we are working to implement include an anonymous email, whereby students can seek advice from the Well-Being Team without the worry of speaking face-to-face.

We are working with the Carre’s mental health first aiders and Student Support to implement a Well-Being Hub, where the ambassadors and leadership team act as a place where younger students can talk to someone of their own age.  They can then be directed to any relevant support if required.

Kieran Alexia James Molly
Charlie Millie Matthew Jessamy

We believe that by having a Hub that students can easily access, it will encourage them to open a channel of peer-to-peer communication and reduce the stigma of mental health across the school.

Our roles as Mental Health Ambassadors will help to raise awareness and create a legacy within the school, that will last for years to come, where mental health is a priority for all students.