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Published: 2019-11-20 09:47:00 | Category: General

On the 11th November, the LRC was transformed in to a Newsroom in which a group of lucky year 10's received professional training in the art of Journalism and Media.   The course, led by Rob and Sam from Lincolnshire Young Journalist Academy, taught the students the key rules of Journalism such as the need to be concise, clear and correct. Students were also challenged to research and produce an article under tight time conditions. 
The students' work can be viewed on the Young Journalist Academy website. So far students have written articles about childhood obesity; the local consequences of flooding and exam stress but there are lots more exciting articles in the pipeline.  Please take the time to read the articles and make a comment, particularly if you have ideas for future news stories that you would enjoy.  Thank you for your support.

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