Fitness Facility - Cardiac Rehab

Carre’s Grammar School Fitness Facility deliver Phase IV Cardiac Rehabilitation programmes.  This is a specialist 12 week physical activity programme for clients who have recently suffered from coronary heart disease including a heart attack (myocardial infarction) and/or angioplasty or Coronary arterial bypass  graft (CABG).

Usually, clients are referred onto this programme by their cardiac rehabilitation nurse at Grantham, Lincoln and Boston hospitals, following completion of the phase III cardiac rehabilitation programme. 

Each session consists of a blood pressure and heart rate check at the beginning and end of every session.  Clients are required to monitor their own intensity levels during each session, trying to build up durations on each cardiovascular machine.  Many of the people who complete the Phase IV Cardiac Rehabilitation decide to continue to exercise regularly by joining up as a member at Carre’s Grammar School Fitness Facility.

For more information about the Cardiac Rehabilitation programme please contact Nigel Stephenson 01529 308742.