Remote Access

From here you can access the online applications you have been given access to.

ICT Support

You can access direct support by e-mailing

Resetting Passwords

During School Closure or School Holiday
If you have forgotten your password please ask your parent or guardian to e-mail from an e-mail address they have already registered with the school. We are unable to respond to password reset requests from unknown e-mail addresses.

During Term Time
If you have forgotten your password please ask your Form Tutor or Class Teacher to reset your password.

Expired Passwords

If your password has expired simply login to Foldr with your username and current password and Foldr will prompt you to change your password.


As a Student of the Robert Carre Trust you are entitled to free copies of Microsoft Office 365. During your time at the Trust you can install Microsoft Office 365 applications on your PC, Mac, Smartphone or Tablet.

More Information

Help Using Foldr

If you require help using Foldr click here for more information.


Accessing Foldr on a Mobile Device

If you have an Apple iOS or Google Android device you can access Foldr by searching for Foldr within the Apple or Google Android app stores.

Once you have installed Foldr to your device enter the following address in the Foldr Address box:

Next enter your school Username and Password in the associated boxes and select Done.

Help Accessing Microsoft Teams

If you have received a Microsoft Teams e-mail invitation from your Teacher you will need to use as your username in the same way you connect to your e-mails.

NB: If you are a parent or carer who would like access to ePortal (online access to reports, attentence information and more) click here to request access.

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